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Nail the Interview:
On Demand


Our flagship interviewing training - at your own pace.


$649 + GST


4 hours (self-paced audio training)

What is it?

A 4-hour self-paced online (audio) training that will transform your understanding of what the media wants from you as an interviewee. We’ll teach you how to prepare for any media interview (efficiently!), how to anticipate what journalist will ask, how to handle those difficult questions, and even what to wear on TV.

This course is for anyone stepping into the media spotlight: entrepreneurs eyeing media exposure, professionals gearing up for significant media events, or individuals keen on leveraging media for personal branding.


  • Practise your skills with exercises for every module thanks to a clear, detailed workbook.

  • Refresh your knowledge anytime using our downloadable content.

  • Learn from two experts in the field with over 40 years (and current!) media experience.

By the end of this on-demand audio course, you will be able to:


  1. Seamlessly navigate multiple media platforms, understanding their unique demands.

  2. Anticipate, prepare for, and adeptly handle potential interview questions, even the challenging ones.

  3. Approach each media opportunity with renewed confidence and expertise.

  4. Perfect your media-ready appearance, especially when appearing on TV.

  5. Capitalise on and extend the benefits of every media appearance.


There was no fluff or fillers, content was rich and delivered in a very digestible way...the material compelled me to stay on track and the rewards were tangible so I was motivated to finish. 


Katie Rose

What is included?

Your on-demand audio course includes:

  1. Content and techniques you can put into action straight away and use in perpetuity.

  2. High quality audio recordings.

  3. Super practical content based on our decades of expertise.

  4. Clear slides supporting the audio content for each module.

  5. A workbook with activities for each module to help reinforce your learning.

See the full curriculum 

Optional coaching add-on:
Want tailored feedback as you try out your new skills? Keen to pick Sue or Ginger's brain? Get a huge 50% discount on our 'Media Coach On Call' sessions if you book these at the same time as you buy your self-paced online course. (This option will come up at the checkout when you are purchasing).

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