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Communications Strategy


Reach your overarching communications goals with the right messaging and a solid strategy.


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A 4-week strategic process

What is it?

A 4-week strategic makeover to ensure your communications efforts pay dividends.

You'll come away with a comprehensive strategy that will solidify your brand presence, increase the trust of your key audiences, and put you on track to meet your communications goals.

If you need clear guidance on how to tie your organisation’s work together so it can be shared with the right people, or are unsure on how to (or are too busy to) pull your communications and messaging together to build or enhance a brand - this package is for you.


In our “Done-for-You” you Communications Strategy package, we’ll help you clarify your messaging, provide clear advice on the communications opportunities for your brand or organisation, and deliver a clear, tailored Communications Strategy that – when executed well – will deliver impressive results.

This package gives you two products in one!  


Our “Done-for-You” you Communications Strategy process starts with a deep dive into your current messaging


Then, we'll deliver a clear, tailored Communications Strategy that – when executed well – will deliver impressive results.


This package supports you to:

  • gain confidence that your messaging is clearly articulated and will help meet your organisation’s strategic goals. (Check out our process for this.)

  • learn exactly which aspects of your organisation’s communications to add in, refine (and how) or let go of.

  • save time with a strategy developed by experts who have advised on strategic communications for organisations great and small (ask us for names!).

  • remove the guesswork by following a strategic, clear plan.


Media Bootcamp's trainers were outstanding to work with and very responsive to engaging in a way which best suited my needs.

Sue Webeck, CEO, Domestic Violence Crisis Service ACT

What is included?

Remember, a Communications Strategy is a high level conceptual document that is the step BEFORE implementation. It tells you where to focus your efforts and what messages, audiences and channels to focus on.  

It is NOT the same as a Media Plan. A Communications Strategy goes one level up the chain, looking at the bigger picture beyond using the media. It will outline which channels, messages and audiences you should target in your communications. 

Of course, it's important to remember that the success of any strategy relies on its implementation. If you need coaching to implement our suggestions and bring the strategy to life we have optional add ons for that (see Phase 4 below or book extra support at any time).

By the end of our 4-week strategic process, your business will be equipped with:

  1. A tailor-made Key Messaging Blueprint (3-6 pages)

  2. A bespoke Communications Strategy 

  3. Optional Add On: Implementation support: Tactical guidance and hands-on support to bring your new plans and messaging to life.

Phase 1: Kick-Off (week 1)

  • A comprehensive evaluation questionnaire to assess and gather some important specifics (this will take one person 30 minutes to complete).

  • 1.5hrs remote Kick-Off Session. This is an initial discussion with 1-3 key team members to help us get clear about your objectives, expectations, and understand any challenges.

  • In this phase we'll be requesting some essential documents to support our research into your organisation's brand, products and projects, and the communication opportunities we think may be right for your project, brand or organisation.

Phase 2: Assessment (weeks 2-3) 

  • Our experts will review all background documents.

  • Your team will attend an immersive 4-hour on-site strategic workshop (or 2 x 2-hour remote sessions) where we will discuss messaging (broader team should attend) and media specifics (a smaller team is fine here).

  • Then, we'll get together online for a 1.5-hour session where we discuss our findings and share your completed Messaging Blueprint. This session includes a recording and a 1 page summary of our key insights.


Phase 3: Strategy and solutions (week 4) 

  • 1hr remote presentation of your new Communications Strategy followed by a 30-minute Q&A session.


Included Materials:

  1. Whiteboard & Brainstorming session copies/pictures.

  2. Your Messaging Blueprint (a clear, concise 3-6 page document outlined your agreed key messages).

  3. A bespoke Communications Strategy (you should expect this to be 10-15 pages).


Optional Add-On (Phase 4:)
4-weeks of Implementation support - $6,000+GST (Like 50% off? See below)

Ready for action but like more guidance while you get the building blocks of your new Communications Strategy in place? Add on our Zoom-based implementation package to bring your new strategy to life - STAT.

Your optional Phase 4 Implementation Support Add On includes:

  1. A 1-hour tactical consulting call to help you kickstart turning your new strategy into reality.

  2. A 1-page roadmap to guide your early steps and keep you on track as you begin implementing our strategic communications advice.

  3. 2 x 1-hour "Ask Me Anything" calls to help you address any early challenges, and guide you towards successful implementation of your new communications strategy.

  4. Recordings of all 3 implementation sessions.


DISCOUNT OFFER: We'll give you a whopping 50% discount on your Implementation Support Add On if you book it alongside or within 90 days of purchasing your strategic package.

Please note:

Depending on your location, travel expenses may apply for the on-site version of this product. 

Let us know when you enquire if you need us to come to you vs running your session over Zoom.


  1. An exclusive Google Drive Folder to securely house your vital documents and session recordings, accessible for 12 months.

  2. 12-month access to our comprehensive On-Demand eLearning Course: Media Bootcamp (available to share with any 4 team members).

  3. Receive a 10% savings on any of our Media or Communications trainings when booked within 90 days of your initial purchase.

  4. Going for the full strategic suite? Purchase both Strategic Makeover Packages (Media Plan & Communications Strategy) together and receive a 50% discount on the second!

  5. Remember - if you need support in implementing your new plan, our 4-week implementation support (an optional add-on described above) is 50% off when booked alongside or within 90-days of purchasing your Done-for-You Media Plan package.


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