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Expert on Call


Our expertise applied directly to your media and communications challenges. 


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Package runs over 3 months.

What is it?

On the spot solutions to high-level media or communications challenges via a set of 1:1 remote consultations via Zoom, held over a 3-month period.

In this 3-month package you'll get direct access to Sue or Ginger's skills and expertise helping solve your media or communications challenges. You might need our strategic media and communications advice to help you implement a program, upskill team members or road test ideas for your organisation with experts at the top of their field.


  1. Access Sue and Ginger’s sought-after expertise without a costly long-term retainer.

  2. Unlock instant, tailored answers to your organisation's high-level media and communications challenges.

  3. Listen back to our advice as you work on our recommendations at your own pace.

  4. Move forward with confidence knowing that your time and energy are being focussed on the right areas.

Who will our Expert on Call package support? 
  • Clients who have purchased our “Done-for-You” Media Plan or “Done-for-You” Communication Strategy package and want additional coaching and support through the implementation phase.

  • Organisations where goals or strategic objectives have changed, and you need support matching your media and communications activity to your new environment.

  • Professionals who are skilled in another area of the business but have been handed responsibility for media or communications. You want expert guidance to support them as you build this new skillset to a high level, fast.

  • Anyone charged with implementing media or communications outreach for their organisation who has thought: “I wish I could just ask someone who has done this for decades” or needs an expert to bounce ideas off. 

  • Professionals keen to fast track the success of their current communications or media activity or unlock new opportunities.


Sue and GInger know their stuff, and they are wonderful at supporting academics to polish and present their important work to a global audience.

Victoria Firth-Smith, Office of the Dean of Higher Degree Research,
Australian National University

What is included?

In every session of this 3-month package you'll receive rapid, strategic solutions and instant answers to your organisation's media or communications challenges.  You will walk away with actionable steps, a renewed confidence in your decision-making, and a bolstered knowledge base.

Phase 1: Kick Off (month 1)

A 1.5-hour kickoff & diagnostic session where we learn all about you and get straight into supporting you. Held live on Zoom.

Phase 2: Supporting Your Goals (month 2)

2x 75-minute personalised problem-solving sessions with Sue or Ginger.  Held live on Zoom.

Phase 3: Wrap up (month 3)

1x 30-minute wrap-up discussion to help you move forward with confidence. Held live on Zoom.


Also included:

  1. Homework between sessions
    Homework can be assigned at the end of each session if you would like to have accountability for taking action between sessions.


  2. Session Archives
    Recordings of all consultations will be provided so you don't have to worry about taking notes in these intense, information-packed calls.


Note: All sessions must occur within 3 months of the package purchase date - we'll book everything in at the start. 

If you've already purchased one of our Strategic Makeover packages - like our Media Plan package or our Communications Strategy package, the optional 'Phase 4 Implementation Add on' gives you 50% off an initial month's implementation support - just to help kickstart things!  Use that first, then add in this Expert on Call package down the track. 


  1. 12-month free access to our self paced (online) Media Bootcamp audio training for one person. This course can be downloaded anytime in the 12-month period so you can work through it anytime.

  2. Recordings of all sessions will be provided. 

  3. Receive a 10% discount on a second product when it's booked within 90 days of your initial purchase.

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Tell me more

Get in contact via phone or email. We'll answer all your questions and get ready to fit you into our schedule. 

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