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Craft Your Key Messages

Gain clarity about what messages you should be sharing, and who you should be sharing them with.


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Process is run over 3 weeks and includes a 1.5hr live facilitated workshop. 

What is it?

A 3-part process held over three weeks. The program includes a 1.5 hr facilated workshop to draw out, refine and clarify your all-important key messages.

Ensure everyone is sharing the right messages so you can communicate with confidence.

  • Become confident you are sharing messages that meet your strategic goals and are expressed authentically.

  • A "done-with-you' process that loops in the right people at the right time to get accurate, authentic answers you can use.

  • Find alignment and clarity thanks to our collaborative and efficient processes.


I found this training to be high impact, accessible and useful...[I] feel more confident in my delivery of key messages.

Carrie, Australian Government employee

What outcome can I expect? 

Gain clarity about what messages you should be sharing, and who you should be sharing them with.

Our "Done-With-You" Messaging Blueprint will allow you to communicate with confidence. We come together with your collective brains and guide you through an interactive, dynamic process that makes sure you have the most compelling messaging for you.

This product is perfect for entities in the early stages of their branding journey, eager to build a clear and compelling voice. It's also ideal for advocates, campaigners or teams planning to champion particular issues over the coming months or year ahead.

What is included?

Phase 1: Kick-Off (week 1)

  1. 45 minute Remote Kick-Off Session. This is an initial discussion with 1-2 key team members to help us understand your organisation and objectives so we can select the 3 best areas to target in your messaging.

  2. Before and after this kick off call we'll be asking for a few essential documents to support our research ahead of your faciliated workshop.


Phase 2: Collaboration (week 2)

  1. We'll guide your broader team through an engaging and active 1.5 hr facilated workshop (up to 15 people) to draw out, refine and clarify what should go in your Messagine Blueprint.

  2. The session is led by a seasoned communications specialist and veteran journalist and fits in nicely with a team planning day.


Phase 3: Strategy and solutions (week 3) 

  1. 30 minute remote presentation of the final Messaging Blueprint with advice on where to go next.

Included Materials:

  1. Whiteboard & brainstorming session copies/pictures

  2. Your Messaging Blueprint (a clear, concise 3-6 page document outlining your agreed key messages).

Please note:

Depending on your location, travel expenses may apply for the on-site version of this product. 

Let us know when you enquire if you need us to come to you vs running your session over Zoom.


Receive a 10% discount on a second service when it is booked within 90 days of your initial purchase.


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Get in contact via phone or email. We'll answer all your questions and get ready to fit you into our schedule. 

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