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Writing & Pitching:
Opinion Pieces

Learn how to structure & pitch an opinion piece that editors will love


$500 per person (+ GST)


3 hours (Live and interactive over Zoom with Sue or Ginger) 


Next public course, September 2024 (date TBC) or for your team anytime

What is it?

Want to be considered an expert in your field and share your ideas with the world? 

Writing opinion pieces - or op eds - for major news outlets is a powerful way to sway hearts and minds.


Your unique expertise has the potential to shape public discourse and influence key decision makers.

Opinion pieces are some of the most popular and most widely read news articles. Having an op ed published often means your thoughts reach hundreds of thousands of people. That’s one reason it can also be a great way to lift your profile.

But where do you start? 

How do you get an editor’s attention and pitch your idea?  Then, once you’ve sold your idea to a media outlet, how do you structure and write a compelling article that meets the media outlet’s requirements? 

Finally, how do you make sure every one of your 800 words packs a punch? 

In this three-hour, live and interactive Zoom course we’ll teach you:

  • What makes a great opinion piece (op ed)

  • How to write an op ed that is provocative, focussed and clear 

  • What to consider when refining your ideas or arguments

  • A useful structure for your next op ed

  • How to make sure your article is credible, evidence-based and persuasive from start to finish

  • How to successfully pitch your idea to a media outlet (including where you might want to pitch to)

  • How to make sure your own unique voice comes through

Course structure: 

  • Roughly 50% of your time will be spent learning from Sue or Ginger, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn from real examples.

  • The balance will be spent working solo or in a small group on your own op ed pitch and op ed outline - with live feedback and guidance from Sue or Ginger.  Our goal is for you to leave the session with a draft pitch and draft outline of your next op ed ready to go.

By the end of this Live, 3hour Zoom training, you can expect to:

  1. Understand everything you need to know about writing and pitching opinion pieces. 

  2. Be ready to pitch - with a draft pitch for your next op ed ready to send.

  3. Be ready to write - with an outline (dot points) of your next Op Ed already started.


Separately, Sue and Ginger's experience in the media is impressive. Together, it's unbeatable.  Plus, they are generous in sharing their knowledge via insider tips, real world examples, activities and demonstrations designed to ensure their students get real world results.”

Maria Doyle

What is included?

Your live, Zoom-based training includes:

  1. Three hours live over Zoom with Sue or Ginger in a public course with other participants.

  2. Examples, information and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 

  3. Time to work up your own idea (story structure) and pitch while Sue or Ginger are there to provide feedback. 

Register your interest for our next public course, or book for your whole team now.

What's right for you? Public course with others or a private training for your team? 

After running this one behind the scenes for a while, we're now trialing this training as a live public course. 


However, if you'd like to book in 8 or more people, we'll run a session just for your team.  Just get in contact!

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