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Welcome to Media Bootcamp: EXPRESS

In this FREE, professionally produced, half-hour lesson, direct from our full Media Bootcamp training you’ll learn:

  • What the media considers a story.

  • What should go into your media kit.

  • How to choose the right outfit for TV.

You’ll also get to know a little more about Sue and Ginger, the pair behind Media Bootcamp.


We hope you enjoy Media Bootcamp: EXPRESS!

Step 1

Download your Media Bootcamp: EXPRESS Workbook.

Step 2

Download or listen online to your free Media Bootcamp: EXPRESS lesson.

Did you enjoy Media Bootcamp: EXPRESS?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then now is the moment to dive into our self-paced, online Media Bootcamp training. This value packed, indepth, “no fluff” training will turn you into an expert at getting the media coverage you want, help you enjoy the media spotlight, and teach you how to nail your next interview.  If you want to add on 1-1 live coaching with Sue or Ginger, that's available too!

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