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Being Brilliant on 

1-1.5 hours (over Zoom, of course!) for your group.

“Ginger conducted an inspired training session with 50 of Australia’s very best musicians to give them tools on how to best interact with audiences over Zoom Webinar.  Ginger was wonderful in tailoring her advice to the specific circumstances that our musicians were facing.  Ginger passed on invaluable tools on how to engage audiences who can’t be seen, as well as some tips on how to visual present oneself to maximise the audiences online experience.”

Everything has changed since Covid-19. Right now, the majority of our media interviews and work presentations are being done on the small screen.

Let’s face it. We’re looking down the barrel of months–maybe a year or more–of Zoom webinars, seminars, online forums: even your average team meeting is now online.

How often have you yourself watching an expert speaker on Zoom in a, *cough* let’s say, very unflattering pose? Oftentimes the person is looking down – so they may have a double chin and/or you can see up their nose! The lighting is terrible and there’s a vacuum cleaner behind them. And what’s more, the sound quality is dire., We’re here to solve all those problems.

Presenting well via video programs like Zoom or Skype while coming across as relaxed and authentic doesn’t just happen by chance. It requires a set of skills – and a smattering of background information – that anyone can acquire.

If you want to be confident and at ease once you’re actually IN the hotseat: we can help.

What you will learn

In this hands on, immensely practical training course you get one hour with a working journalist who regularly presents on Zoom. Together, Sue and Ginger come with more than 40 years of experience at leading media and comms brands. ABC. Fairfax. CNN. Vogue. You name the outlet; we’ve interviewed hundreds of people for them. We also get paid to moderate panels, give talks, and are regularly asked to speak to journalists. We know how important it is that your credibility shines through, whatever the medium.

This session will give you just the right combination of learning from the experts, practical tips and background information to exponentially improve your performance when next presenting on Zoom. Plus, we’ve allowed plenty of time for questions.

By the end of the 1.5 hour (private) Being Brilliant on Zoom training you’ll have a polished new skillset and be confident in:

  1. Setting yourself up with the right light lighting, framing and sound so that you shine on the small screen. (And no, you don’t need to spend large sums on equipment.)

  2. Knowing what to wear and where to position your gaze when presenting using a computer/laptop camera or a webcam.

  3. Calming your nerves so that when you are presenting on Zoom or similar platforms you will come across as the relaxed, confident and authentic expert we know you are.

  4. Telling your story and delivering your content in a powerful, engaging way using relatable storytelling.

  5. Engaging your audience as though you’re in the same room as them, including encouraging questions, running “talkback” and interacting confidently in a webinar format.

Held online (over Zoom, of course!):

  • Date of your choice.

  • $1500 per group (+GST).

  • 90-minute session specifically for your team and tailored to your situation.

  • Includes 30 minutes of targeted questions.

  • High on interaction with your trainer throughout. You can ask questions, talk specifics and cover issues specific to your industry or organisation. For an additional fee you may record the session to use as a refresher.

Nail the Interview

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Nail the Interview

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Nail the Interview

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Your personal 000 call when a media opportunity comes up. Whether it’s print, radio, online or a tv appearance, we’ll talk you through it in a 1-1 coaching call.

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Media Bootcamp

A one-day, tailored crash course in how to survive and thrive in Australia’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Nail the Interview

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Nail the Interview

Your personal 000 call when a media opportunity comes up. Whether it’s print, radio, online or a tv appearance, we’ll talk you through it in a 1-1 coaching call.

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Nail the Interview

 A short, sharp training session (half day) putting you in the hotseat for your next media opportunity.

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